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Lori rushed into the room, unable to hold back her smile. “Jim! Jim, I’m normal again! I…”

She stopped dead in her tracks, a horrible, hot shock jolting her.

Most of the time, Jim’s eyes were not wholly black and inhuman-looking. 

Lori backed away, gaping, trembling, before she finally managed to speak. “Jim…?”

//Lori and Demon!Jim yes good

The demon was looking around the flat, accessing Jim’s memories with his permission when it noticed a small creature and committed its first act against Jim’s will. It licked its lips and grinned.

Hello, Lori," it stated, turning its head as though it had water in its ear before lowering itself quickly and smoothly to the small creature, "h’m. You know Jimmy here is quite the bad boy,” it purred, “he forgot all about you…

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    A vacant frown tugged at his mouth and Jim held out a hand for the girl, “I’m uncertain,” he replied with a yawn.
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    Lori now blinked blearily up at him. She swallowed. “What…now?” she managed, feebly reaching out for him.